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Just a Sharpie and Me.

So I started this project about 2 hours ago on a cold January day, the 2nd, as a way to get back into the flow of thinking and drawing and painting.  I watched all the lessons and then taped a sheet of paper onto the wall, set the timer for 3 minutes and started.

I liked the idea of being big and being fluid and creating the "DNA" of the drawing. Then I tried listening to music, putting on an old unloved CD from the bottom of the pile, setting the timer for 3 minutes and starting.

It's easy to see which was the rotating the paper:

Drawing blindfold is another easy one to identify:  With a self portrait and airplane and circles/clouds.

Finally I did the talking while drawing.  There was no one around to talk to so I just lectured myself on what I wanted to do in the coming year.

So now what I really want to do is find some white shirts and get drawing but for now it's just a good beginning. 


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