Avis Reid




Just a Self-Teaching/Learning Oil Painter

Oil Painting seems to be very passe'... but that is what I love best.  I picked up oil paints some years after receiving a Board of Regents Diploma in the Visual Fine Arts from the State of New York (for those not familiar, the Board of Regents requires your portfolio to be approved by a panel and remain on file; other than that it is rather meaningless -- hahaha).  After moving a cross the Eastern Seaboard, I felt greatly displaced and in culture shock ... and did not paint again for about a decade.  My children (together with my husband, I am sure) gave me new oil paints and brushes for Christmas about five years ago and I have been obsessed ever since.

I discovered -- and was totally surprised -- that I could paint portraits from photos.  Of course, I was using my own children's photos as models ... however, the photo below was taken about 15 years before I painted it.  

Now Adobe Illustrator has become my arch nemesis ... as the line drawing used as my cover image is a digital conversion of one of my paintings.  Note the discoloration of the teeth and eyes -- that did not appear in the original.  I have taken some classes here and am taking an extremely long Illustrator tutorial on Udemy, but every project is still a HASSLE.

I have been trying to be a graphic designer ... http://www.minted.com/designer/afreid (I also have art prints on fineartamerica.com, etc.) but winning one Design Challenge @ Minted.com has turned it into somewhat of a frustrating addiction.  I simply don't know/understand what they are looking for .....

Sigh ....



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