Just Try...

Just Try... - student project

Just Try... - image 1 - student projectThe reasons I'm taking this course are many: to learn a new skill, to be creative, I love words and everything about them so learning to illustrate them seems to me to be a fantastic idea! My favorite line from  my favorite poem is: Just try not living your life / I dare you. The phrase I'm going with for this project is "I dare you." This line and this phrase are often called to my mind when I am 'considering' (<---read: waffling on) trying something new.

3/20 Update: above is the best-rough draft I have thus far. I posted after many many error messages because I want to keep current with the class. The letterings are a mix of Parisian Ronde and Advertisers Upright Script (as pictured in the recommended text: "Scripts")...or at least they are my attempt at rendering those scripts.