Just Teasin'

Just Teasin' - student project

Just Teasin' - image 1 - student project

5/30 On the Road

So, I really didn't like how "long" the design was going across the chest and not really using the full t-shirt.  So I reworked the design keeping key elements (frosting road, sign, logo, spatula) but wrapped it into a circle design to fill the shirt more.  Needs a lot of clean up.

5/28 Project Translation


Just Teasin' - image 2 - student project


Translating to Illustrator.  Would love some feedback!



5/28 Project Sketches

So my project is moving along.  I have been focusing on a Detroit connection to my Johnny Cupcakes shirt.  And of course, when you think Detroit you think "Motor City"  I definately want to spend some time developing a car theme shirt that uses the fun cartoonish characters with thick lines that you find in some of the Johnny Cupcakes shirts.

Just Teasin' - image 3 - student project

Sweet Ride:  Based on a fun Herbie the Love Bug poster I found.  Incorporates: Logo, Johnny Cupcakes branding, spatula road sign, and frosting road.  Please ignore the printing: I've never been good at drawing letters.

 Just Teasin' - image 4 - student project

Other sketches above that are not translating as well.  Full Throttle: combo of speedometer and oven guage.  I found this to be a good chest print but really boring.  I have 1 more sketch finished focusing on cars/racing that I will also translate to Illustrator and see what happens.







About Me:

Hi everyone!  I'm very excited to start this learning experience although I will admit that I am a bit intimidated by the 260 previously posted projects.  Seeing all these great pieces and everyone's experience in graphic design work, branding, and company ownership makes me feel a little out of place.  You see, I am not a graphic designer (yet), I don't have my own brand (yet), or my own company (way not yet.) 

So why am I here?  I actually just recently left my job as the operations manager of a locally owned small business after being there for 10 years.  It wasn't the happiest or easiest decision because I loved what I did, but sometimes you have to do things that take yourself (and others) into a better and happier direction.  (Do more of what makes you happy, right?)  Long story short, I made most of the marketing pieces we needed using outdated programs and vowed that one day I would find time to learn Illustrator and make amazing things!  Well, I have the time now...

I am still just learning Illustrator.  I  have only taken a few short (yet pretty effective) online classes and search daily for new tutorials and classes to take to learn both the program and the art of design.  So here I landed!  Judging on the work, the great feedback from others, and the masterful work of Chris himself for Johnny Cupcakes I'm bound to learn something wonderful!


My Project:

Since I don't have a brand I thought I'd work on Johnny Cupcakes for this project.  But I'm also interested in several lines from my area (originally from Detroit, living in Grand Rapids.)  There seems to be lots of specialty T shops popping up in Michigan and buying local and supporting local is really catching on...Yay!

Down With Detroit, Made In Detroit, and Smitten In the Mitten are a few I have t's from

Just Teasin' - image 5 - student project          Just Teasin' - image 6 - student projectJust Teasin' - image 7 - student project

               Just Teasin' - image 8 - student project 

Fun Graphic!  GR Beer City USA for 2013!

So I would love to combine the Detroit/GR scene with the Johnny Cupcakes vivid, bold line, illustrative graphics for this project and have lots of ideas running through my mind and will be working on more brand research (and practicing my Illustrator skills) as the week progresses.