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Just Stuffed

I recently joined Skillshare and immeditately chose Andrea' plush making class because her tutorials were so accesible and the end results so darn cute! 

I decided to create my first plush of my 9-year old cat, Willow. 


I thought "Mapping the Design" tutorial was useful and a necessary part of my plush-making as it made me realize how important it was to conceptualize and "early edit" your plush without having to waste material and time. 




There was a mistake that I haven't foreseen-- when I stitched the inner part of WIllow's ear to the outer part, I forgot that the stitches on the back could be seen! I took this as an opportunity to be creative and just stuffed the ears instead! The ears' being crooked was also serendipitous.


This inspired me to make a plush of my boyfriend and to make sure Boyfriend 2.0 wasn't lonely, I had to make a 2.0 version of me as well. 


The mistake I made with Boyfriend 2.0 was that the outlines I drew were too dark for his pinkish skin so you see a bit of it on the finished product. Nonetheless, my boyfriend still loves his blemished alter-ego.

Lastly, I made a plush of my Border Collie, Dancer! This was my absolute favourite. Just as Andrea has said, the plush doesn't have to be a replica of your pet; its quirky features are enough to say what it was inspired from and give the plush a transformation of its own. 




Thanks Andrea!


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