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Just Sayin' Greeting Card

Hey, I'm Christen. For this class, I decided to tackle a concept for a greeting card I've had in my head for a few months now. 

My goals for this class:
-Expedite my vectorizing process. My jaw phyiscally dropped when I learned some of Molly's secrets to cleaning up calligraphy in Photoshop. I'm about to save myself SO much time.
-Get better at flourishes. I don't have the hang of them yet, but I already feel like I'm getting better at them.

"Just Sayin'"

1. Below are my first sketches. Annnddd the tests of my new pencils with various pressure applied. I ended up liking the "wave" formation the best. 

2. My final pencil design before I traced it on a fresh piece of paper. Plus, a few little ink blots because I calligraphed with my new paper taped to this one.

3. My inked design. I'm a tad frustrated because my nibs don't allow ink to flow like they used to. If I'm lucky, I can get two strokes in, it makes the writing process really jarring, so I'm hoping to make up for some of the errors from that setback in Photoshop.

I haven't scanned this yet, so the next steps are coming soon!


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