Just Publish Yourself/Learn Differently Trailer

I'm starting a learning company to teach writers self-publishing and how to manage their new author business.

I want to develop a 30 sec. promo video for justpublishyourself.com that I can put on the home page and add to various social media venues. It should introduce me and my credentials (@15sec.) with the rest devoted to what students will learn on justpublishyourself.com and how. I know I want it to be funny and light-hearted but also "sticky" so that people remember it. The two biggest problems I see are one that right now I sound like a duck from the ick that I am just getting over, and two, I am not feeling very funny or creative at the moment.

Back to brainstorming ideas!

So the idea that I came up with could work for either Skillshare or be tuned to work for Justpublishyourself.com

I'm not going to bother doing the split screen thing so the top is the "Action" and the bottom is "Script"


Distance shot moving closer as the narration continues. The camera is moving toward a person. The distant shot, the person is blurry indistinct. As the narration continues the movement toward the person picks up speed. We realize that the person is a girl. The camera moves closer and we frame her face. The final shot is just her mouth saying the last line.



The old way was about gatekeepers

Someone else deciding if you were good enough

That way was limiting

That way doesn't work anymore

The new way is about open access

Speaking to your people

Embracing a niche

You have a choice

You can continue doing what you have always done, getting the results you have always gotten

Or you can challenge yourself


Learn new skills

Push yourself for no other reason than it feels good

Exceed everyone's expectation 

Maybe even your own

I haven't timed out the script but that is the general idea. The other thought was to come up with images for each line. I've got ideas for most of them but I really don't want to go digging.

What do you think?


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