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Just Paint - student project

Final project! Forgot to upload. Big difference with 100 cotton paper. I notice I have to be less tentative with bolder color. I tend to go very light. I enjoy the spots where I got brave. Thank you for your wonderful class!

Just Paint - image 1 - student project






I have a hard time starting projects because of overthinking. You made it look so easy, and not just that, but reminding me that it's experimenting. Also, that warm ups are just wonderful to get going and don't have to be complicated and time consuming. 

I don't have a French brush, just the Silver Bullet, and Simmons for the more detailed strokes. I used Fabriano hot press 300 gsm student grade paper so it is not 100% cotton. That's another hesitation of mine, using up my high quality paper. It's hard to find an affordable chlorine free watercolor cotton paper, so I have less fear of using up the pulp paper.

For practice it was okay, but I can see I won't get as much fun, play, and exciting results unless I go 100%. The next project will be the mountain, and I will use the fancy stuff. 

I like the dancing brush and glowing lights exercise the most, to get out all the nervousness of blank paper staring at you. Thank you so much for this class and giving us some courage. 

Will have the main projects soon. 

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Elena Shadle
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