Just Not Me

Making this project will be fun. I've printed my pattern photo and have started gathering papers. Am looking forward to getting into the hands-on part.

Here's my pattern photo.


What a difference between the photo and the self portrait!!!

I don't think using collage for a realistic image is going to be my thing.

Some of the chaos on my kitchen counter as I worked. (I long for an adjustable height artist table!)


Here's what I finally completed. It wasn't that I didn't work at it nor that I didn't enjoy the project but I lost count of the revisions in versions I made trying to get "me" to appear. The final looks more like my college roommate.


I did intentionally make my lips bigger. I've always wanted fuller lips. 

The only thing that really looks like me is the earrings - and the fact that I'm wearing purple. Those purplish stones are really amethyst chips from when I made bead jewelry. I used white tatting thread dipped in grey watercolor for the earring hooks.

The eye color is acrylic. The lip color is my actual lipstick. I smeared it on some of the paper I had treated then, when it had set, coated it with clear nail polish so it wouldn't discolor the teeth. The blush is also my make-up. I crushed the power and massaged it into the treated paper to get the color and texture. 

The eyebrows are a few strands of a darker part of my hair. They darkened more when I soaked them in glue to shape them.

Which brings me to hair. That's a hodge podge of watercolor and acrylics. I've never seen art materials which actually match the colors in my hair. It is naturally a medley of shades from ash blonde with some silver streaks to golden strands to dishwater blonde with a little light brown. Then when I blend in some red to perk it up . . . . Well, it's tough to reproduce. 

Whatever, this was one of those too-much-fun classes. The project concept has applications for all ages and degrees of talent. I could defintely see using it as a basis for an elementary level gifted and talented exercise.

Thank you SO much, Sara, for a great idea and a wonderful, fun activity.


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