Just Keep Running

Last spring a couple of friends talked me into joining a running club, Moms on the Run. I have never been an athlete, and I am not getting any younger, so it seemed almost too crazy to consider. In the end I decided to give it a try.

I will never forget how nervous I was that first night last spring, lined up with 40+ other women along the lake path on a cool April evening. That night we ran 30 seconds, walked five minutes for 30 minutes. I thought I might die. But over the upcoming weeks I kept going, running/walking two to three nights per week, gradually increasing my time and pace. By July I was running most of three miles. I was not the fastest in the group, and it wasn't always pretty, but I always felt amazing after I was done. In August I had a slight setback with an injury that prevented me from running my first 5K. But for once I didn't give up - I rested and healed, and by November I was able to run the Diva Dash 5K.

Over the winter I have stayed active doing cardio three to four nights per week, and I recently added weights twice per week. The running club starts up again in April, and I can't believe, but I can hardly wait. There is no turning back, I plan to just keep running.

Just I was not a runner, I am also not an artist. I have worked in marketing and communications for many years, although I typically have creative people to do the fun stuff. There are times when we are in a pinch, and I might design a rough flyer or ad proof, but I have never had the formal training to really know what I am doing. This is my first "artistic" class since, well, probably high school. But this class seemed like a good opportunity to dip my toes in the water. I bought a dot-grid tablet and some pencils at the university library, and will post something soon. As soon as the paper stops looking so blank and intimidating.


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