Just Follow your Flow

Just Follow your Flow - student project

I'm a big lover of zentangles and details with micron pen, and my watercolors have always been sort of a "base" for the detailing I would be doing later on. But somewhere around September/October, I began to feel as though this method was "all wrong." I obsessed over learning figuratively, obsessed with labels such as "watercolor artist" or "illustrator." And because of this, my artwork began to suffer, and my creativity took a back seat (except during inktober, when I could just draw and have fun).

And the problem was I was forcing my hand to do things it didn't want to do, and was forcing to do something that stresses me out: Plan.

Then I found this class--my very first skillshare class!--and Marie-Noelle Wurm put it all into perspective. Just do you, have fun, follow your flow.

So that's what I have been practicing! I have been focusing on just being me, letting the watercolor flow, and applying what I learned through my zentangling to my abstract watercolors. I've never felt more refreshed as an artist!! I feel so free! I love the concept of making one decision at a time.

I also became re-acquainted with my water brush pen (the one that holds water) and really enjoy playing around with it.

Anyway, so these are my experiments from the past few days. I urge all of you, who may be struggling with getting it *right* to just take a deep breath and make one choice at a time, as our teacher explained. Focus on having fun.

Also sorry for the wonky scans. My scanner's having a bad hair day.

Just Follow your Flow - image 1 - student project

Just Follow your Flow - image 2 - student project

Just Follow your Flow - image 3 - student project

Just Follow your Flow - image 4 - student project

Just Follow your Flow - image 5 - student project

Just Follow your Flow - image 6 - student project