Just Do It/Do More in 2013

simple goals -

1.  Increase exercise to at  least 45 mins , 5 days  per week ( previously, 3days per week), and increase intensity and variety.

2. Reduce alcohol intake from 5 to 9 drinks per week to 3 or less drinks per week. I am a breast cancer survivor and this course of action is recommended for women with my risk factors.

3.  Reduce my intake of overly-processed foods,  eliminate meat from my diet, and increase fruit and vegetables.

My hoped-for results - better sleep, better overall health, reduced cancer risk in the future, and weight control as I enter middle age.

I also plan to easy fair with myself by accepting that I am not perfect and that this is a journey. 

Hoping that participating in this forum will be of help in supporting these goals.



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