Just Do It!

Just Do It!

Start managing your tasks quickly and efficently.
Is asimple to do list app, underprogress.

The plan is, design and code it as well.

Version 1

- I was trying different colour schemas. I thought green would reflect tasks are done, and blue means I'm active working on few tasks task. After working on 2 views/pages/screens, I found my colour schemas are not looking good or typical, and I need something live and different.
- I used Path tool to draw the check sign, I spend more time to make it look good, I hope it is. [ I'm details fanatic ;) ]




Version 2:

- Getting inspired by different deign applications, I changes the whole design and modified the logo.
- I wanted vibrant colour schema such as purple (#4B4097). green (#50D2C2), red (#FF3366).
- Having background image makes it look nice and live -I think-.
- I use https://unsplash.com for background images.
- Workflow will change a bit. I added Sign in and Sign up pages as first part of the work flow.




more to come....


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