Shannon Arvizu

Lead App Developer



Just Breathe App

Just Breathe helps stressed out people relax more through regular, deep breathing.

Who are the users?

- Mostly young professionals, but can also be parents and adults in all other demographics that feel stressed out. Not the typical new Age-y type.

- Can also be sufferers of hypertension, high blood pressure, or other physical ailments.

Why are they using your product?

Just Breathe helps them learn how to breathe slowly and deeply for short periods of time throughout the day. It also spontaneously provides motivation and inspiration to encourage users to breathe deeply more often throughout the day.

What benefit does it have for them?

They feel more relaxed, at peace, aware, emotionally stable, and breathe better.

What problem is it solving for them? (If no problem, what desires is it satisfying?)

It solves the problem of why it is hard to relax – we don’t give ourselves time to stop and smell the roses.  When we inhale deeply from the abdomen, we trigger the parasympathetic nervous system. When we exhale deeply and slowly, we automatically slow down and become more centered in what we are doing.

What got them to pick it up in the first place?

They are curious about the power of deep breathing.

How did they hear about it?

Word of mouth, major lifestyle blogs and magazines, Oprah, relax category in Itunes, doctors.

What’s so much better about it than what they were doing before?

Before they were not using an app to relax, they were not meditating, and they were not taking the time to breathe deep. Life is now qualitatively better.

Why are they using it instead of the competition?

The competition is too new age-y, too advanced, or does not have a training component to onboard new users easily.

When do they use it?

They use it everyday.

Where do they use it?

At home, in work, in the parked car, in the park, at the beach.

How long do they use it for?

5-10 minutes.

How much value does it bring them?

Immense value in terms of quietness, peace of mind, and improved quality of life.


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