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Just Bee


I accidentally went overboard. When I started working on my design I quickly hit a block. I really wanted to do something with the watering cans but finally I had to abandon them (perhaps another time). I worked and worked and worked, until I made this bandanna design. Once I had that, everything started to flow. I just couldn't stop.







I love the drawing part, it's like having an itch. You have to keep going until you get it.

Above I've narrowed down the drawings and created silhouettes.


This is what my bulletin board looks like right now. And yes those are googly eye magnets holding up the drawings.


I loved working on the last pattern "The Bee's Knees" so much I decided to do another pattern in the same vein.

It would take us an hour and a half to drive to my Grandparent's farm. With the first steps out of the car, I'd feel the sun on my cheeks and a cool breeze in my hair. I'd hear song birds with the hums of bees hussling around every blossom. The sky was blue and the air smelled sweet. They've long since sold the farm but those quiet days exploring the farm will always be with me. 


A few drawings. This is whole new way of working for me... and I think I like it! (even with leaving the colour to the end!)



It still shocks me. Every year since the first seed I ever planted. I put the seed in the dirt, cover it up, half believing this tiny little thing can't possibly turn into a plant. Then I wait. Wait by pruning, raking, transplanting and composting. Then HOLY MOLY! I look over and there they are, fresh little seedlings POPPING out of the ground, quietly and happily. Just like that! 


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