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Just Beachy | Workshop Project



I'm going to be working on a beach themed pattern. I've been really inspired lately by the patterns I see with loads of different doodles all tied up together with fun little filler shapes. I'm going for a nostalgic, playful, imperfect looking pattern that feels young. I want the placement of the shapes to be active and full without giving the impression of being busy. 



So... After I changed the settings on my brush tool so that my points would have points instead of being  smoothed to rounded ends, this turned out much more to my liking. Unfortunately, my brush skills aren't what I'd like them to be and I clearly have a lot of work to do cleaning this up so it will work as filled shapes. And, aside from the fact that this is beachy, I'm afraid it doesn't reflect my moodboard at all! Oh well. Que sera, sera! 



Whew! Drawing with the brush/blob brush is a skill I need to work on a whole lot more :) Clean up on these things was a beast. I kept reminding myself that it didn't need to be perfect, but I'm not sure if some areas I erred on the side of sloppy. Can't wait to play around with pattern building & colors! 



Okay, I think this is the pattern. I ended up drawing a few more motifs to balance the thing out. I couldn't decide if I should cut stuff and have more of the same elements repeat, or add more to fill the gaps. I added.

I'm still on the fence about how much of the filler [aka sprinkles :) ] to use, but hopefully that will be more apparent when I work the repeat tomorrow. I tried to use enough that there weren't any gaping white spaces, but still give the impression of white space to give the eyes/mind a rest... I don't know if I succeeded.


1. Is there a glaring difference between the ones I sketched and then drew with the brush/blob and the ones I used the pen tool and didn't smooth out a whole lot? 

2. Is it too busy? I'm going for active and playful while trying to avoid busy. 

3. The words... Are words on a print too cheesy? 

Any feedback hugely appreciated! Thanks!





If you can spare a moment, I would like some feedback on the flow. My eye keeps getting drawn to one particular area and I can't put my finger on why. I'm curious if there's an area you're eye is drawn to and if it's the same one as mine. Thanks! 

UPDATED: I've made some adjustments to the navy one in hopes of getting rid of that wierd spot... Unfortunately, now I feel like that pink clamshell is screaming at me. But maybe I've just been looking at this for way too long today. Time to walk away.




I'm fired. I'm impatient and I totally kidnapped/stole that cute little person from the internet. Totally against the law. Up next - figure out how to make a good mock-up and invest in some stock photos / go on a photo shoot with my own cute little people. I mean, I've only got five of the cutest kids ever... After that I'm going to bribe my mother-in-law to sew that dress for my little, curly red haired bean. She looks gorgeous in navy blue! 

I'm still up for tweaking, but I'm going to call this one done and enjoy the weekend! 


I just couldn't stop playing with this! I tried out a greenish background as as I was looking at it I was reminded of this greenish patterned wrapping paper with gold foil accents that I LOVE. I thought, "Hey, I wonder how this would look with foil accents?" Well, here's how it looks. I still like the navy one best, but this was fun so I thought I'd share.


Now, for real... I'm done ;)


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