Just Be Nice...

Just Be Nice... - student project

"Just Be Nice" a motto that my good friend lives by in the west end of Toronto. I wanted to attempt a nice silk screen poster after his statement.

I am a graphic designer and really have been keen on hand lettering. I have been sketching letter forms for fun to learn and I have quickly found out that it is WAYYYY harder than it looks. 

For this project I wanted the "JUST BE" to be a bit more harsh to really be a contrast to the "Nice", however, I am struggling with a couple of things: 

#1 Finding balance between the two and making them cohesive. I feel they look too separate from each other and don't know how to fix that while maintaining the sans serif hard edged font.

#2 Really struggling with my flourishes and 3D angles.

I feel like the angling will be much easier once I import into illustrator, but would love some advice on what I have so far.