Just Another Mood Board

Just Another Mood Board - student project

As a beginner artist, looking at a black canvas can be daunting, and even if you understand the concept, the impostor syndrome can really strike you into tears and with a constant "do you believe you can be on the same page as them?" negativity. With the help of this class, my mind is filled with hope that even though I am not as best as the others, I can be best at my own pace. 

Enough of my emotional side (lol), while I browsed my Pinterest, one major factor that I've noticed in all my saved pins was my appreciation of colors that pop the artwork! Well, most of them, anyway. While it is COLOR that left me in awe, the sense of CONTRAST, MOVEMENT, and EMPHASIS made me stay in a long run- that's saying something given that I thought at first that I just pick random beautiful pins that tell a story (lmao).

This lesson really geared my mind to look at things in this sense of a creative mindset. Thank you, Dylan, for this wonderful class! Off to explore with this creative inspiration and understanding. 

Just Another Mood Board - image 1 - student project