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Jurassic Park

March 4 - Final Art 

So I moved to the computer with option B. Here's the final product:

I had no idea it would be so challenging to make a simple, sans serif "J"! My original idea of using DNA code in the shape of the dinosaur didn't quite look right, so I opted to use it in the "J" instead.

I added a strong outer shape to imply the paddocks, since their failure to contain the animals and the need to get the fences re-electrified plays such a big part in the story. Escaping footprints were prominent in many of my sketches, so I integrated it here as "escaping" DNA code.

I'm not totally sold on the DNA sequence blocks behind the "J", but I do like the strength of them against the letter... thoughts on making them a little less prominent?

In retrospect:

  • This doesn't look as close as I'd like to my original sketch... my hypothetical art director might not appreciate the deviation.
  • The DNA sequence shapes behind the "J" aren't easily recognizable to most people (I had to hunt for that shape) so they probably seem abstract... possibly too much so for the general public. I only thought of them because I watch too much PBS, ha.
  • I would have loved to experiment with something like scrollwork -- looking back I could have integrated vines; but I think that would be too busy on this design. 


February 22 - Brainstorm & Sketches

It might not be considered "great literature" but I really enjoy this book (and yes, the movies, too). I reread it every few years. Surprising because I don't read much of this genre, but there you have it.

This will be a tough assigment, considering Chip Kidd has done TWO different designs for this book... and obviously both are beautiful and iconic. So, you know, no pressure. ANYWAY.

Here's my brainstorm:

From this I did some ROUGH sketches. 16 in total, and I've narrowed it down to 8: 

I'd love some input on which grab the most attention. I myself like B, D, and G... suggestions/comments welcome.

Depending on the cover I move forward with, I would love to insinuate some kind of varnish/emboss that mimics dinosaur scales if that helps drive home the dino bit.


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