Junk in the Misty Moonlight

Junk in the Misty Moonlight - student project

I've wanted to try Matte painting for some time, but have never gotten around to try it (until now). I opted to mix things up in the project section and try to use some different assets - as to see what issues I may run into when doing this away from the project (although have tried to include some of the assets provided).  Perhaps I was being a little too brave!


It's a little different to the ones shared and I opted to go to a more creepy look to it with the bluer and darker tones. In hindsight I probably went a bit overboard on the mist and grain, and could have done a better job on the edges of the hills - but I'm overall happy with the end result for my first ever attempt - (despite having PS for years, I  mainly work with After Effects!)


I'll try a few more of these over the next few weeks (when time permits!) as I am sure this is a skill that gets better with practice. Thank you for your guidance.