Junk Food

Junk Food - student project

Hi guys!

My name is Zach Stroeher and I am an illustrator and designer from Houston, Texas. My current project is to create a brand around my Junk Food characters. They each have their own very disturbed personalities and reasoning as to why they want to destroy your insides.

Junk Food - image 1 - student projectJunk Food - image 2 - student projectJunk Food - image 3 - student projectJunk Food - image 4 - student projectJunk Food - image 5 - student project

I'm working to have them all together in a comic series, though I'm still working on the overall storyline.

I also plan on having a seperate comic out by this holiday season staring The Gingerbread Men. A heartfelt story about a rogue group of left over cookies out to bring an end to the 80 year old baker who brought them to life.

I'm really wanting to create some great t-shirt designs that I can screen print at home myself. Designs that will make people want to run away from their food and find solice in my site.