Junk Food

Mikey I am a huge fan of your work!! So I was so excited to see you posted a second Skillshare class.

First step:

I listed out my favorite foods which are mostly junk foods. Ice cream, pretzels, beer, pizza, tacos, coffee, soda, hot dogs, hamburgers and I added a apple to counter act all the bad food I eat ;D 


Second step:

I sketched out my favorite foods and thought it would be appealing if I kept them in a circular shape and added the text in the center.


Third step:

I vectored out my sketch in Illustrator, I took some of the elements out that were in my sketch since I wanted to make the junk food bigger :)


Fourth step:

I added the texture in Photoshop and voila! :)


I had a lot of fun creating objects in this style and will continue creating other things like this :)

Thanks again for showing us your skills Mikey - I loved this class! 


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