Juniper Wood Co.


Business model (10 sentences max): List the assets you have or will acquire; list the human resources you will contrbute or hire; describe your customer and what they get from doing business with you; and finally, outline what's hard, unique, and repeatable.  

Juniper Wood Co. was birthed out of the desire to create beautiful, handmade products and do good in the process.  

Beauty because it we see value in bringing art-worthy design into the most commonplace of environments with flawless functionality.  

HandmadeEach product is truly a one-of-a-kind piece, and each item has been meticulously crafted—by hand—with a sole focus on lasting quality.  

Do good because people matter.  With each purchase made, you will be supplying 40 meals to a local family in need.  We’re currently partnering with a local food bank in Atlanta, Georgia, and we look forward to partnering with other needle-pushing organizations, both US & international, in the future.  

JWC in in the process of developing final prototypes for our first product lines focusing on kitchen goods & desk goods.  Our kitchen line is focusing on cutting boards where we’ve taken research from top chefs around the world and created a more functional & more beautiful product that is perfect for the home or commercial kitchen.  Our desk goods will focus on removing friction from our daily lives while bringing beauty to the most commonplace of environments.  For launch, we will be focusing on a minimalistic walnut iPhone/tablet stand & a simple, single-holed pen holder.  

We have acquired the assets we need to finish product development, and we’ve partnered with local craftsmen to product our goods.  Our customer is the individual or professional that cares about the story that handmade tells as well as valuing high-end, high-quality products.


Freelancer vs. entrepreneur action steps: Determine who you are to understand your unique goals.

I have a great interest in woodworking, but my ambition comes from solving unique problems through design & business development.  As of now, all product designs are my original designs, but I would love to pass that torch to a team in the future.  My role will be as entrepreneur moving forward, while staying small & nimble in the startup phase to keep overhead down while hiring experts to do what they’re best at (woodworkers for production, graphics designers for branding).  

Funding plan: Answer key questions about money needed for your business.

I’m personally funding my business from savings to get it JWC off the ground.  Due to the direct-to-customer nature of my business model, I will be receiving payment (including shipping & sales tax) upfront for my products.  

The assets I’m purchasing up front include tools for prototyping & design services for branding/print/web design.  My main costs moving forward will be raw materials (8/4 walnut) & labor for production.  

My gross margin will be averaging around 60% for the initial line of cutting boards & 40% for my initial line of desk goods.  

Hiring plan: Commit to a human resources vision that helps you make good hires that contribute to your business.

I will be hiring out contractors through my personal network to do what they do best.  The most pertinent independent contractors that I’ll partner with will be production labor.  I will be using several woodworkers, guided by extremely strict product guidelines and quality control, to produce my product.  

I’m asking them to do work that’s passionate to them, and is well in their realm of expertise.  

Business name: Include your core brainstorm words, associated words, and purchase a final dot com domain name. This is a tactical exercise in digital marketing and storytelling. (Don't use the word "branding," please.)

My company’s name is Juniper Wood Co.  I’ve acquired the following url’s: juniperwood.co & juniperwoodco.com (check out juniperwood.co/welcome for a preview of the full site).  I strived to create a narrative of warmth and invitation while maintaining clean lines and modern design.  I’m looking to distance my company from “rustic” immediately.  

Here are a list of my brainstorming words:

  • Southern Woods Co-op
  • Southern Wood Goods
  • Modern Wood Goods
  • Handmade Co-op
  • Modern Handmade Co-op
  • Golden Handmade
  • Juniper
  • Juniper Wood co.
  • Simple
  • Modern
  • Clean

Partner approach: Delinate a plan for partnerships that addresses core responsibilities and decision-making power.

Cash flow and pricing plan: Answer key questions to understand monthly profit and address extreme scenarios.

Competition chart: Find your niche and fill it. Create a quadrant chart that pinpoints your competitors and identifies an empty spot to position your business.

**Obviously, it's still a work in progress, but thank you for any and all feedback!


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