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Words: Wild / Worrisome / Wired



I went through a few different sketches and landed on this guy, mainly because of his body. I wanted something that suggested movement, and felt equal parts wild/worrisome/wired. There's a energy/motion to all three of those qualities... Furthermore, I like to scribble so it made sense to me. 

At first I felt that his eyes should be round, and the pupil should be a really tight dot, but instead I landed on this set of eyes. There's a sense of worry to them, there's a little sadness coming from their shape (especially the arc on the bottom). 

The mask is a device  that I really like, dude wants to party, and hide all his worries... I also like the idea of the mask translating to some type of sweet karate persona. 

In terms of audience, I think his look feels right for the 18 and up viewer... He may mutter some curses under his breath... There's definitely attitude that isn't appropriate for kids. 

As a habit I always sketch in individual layers and then compose in photoshop... I tried to go for it when sketching this guy, but as you will see, I couldn't commit to eyes and had to draw a few different options. I knew I had something with the body. 



I really like the idea of taking a step back and thinking through character traits first and then using them as the guiding principles for drawing.

Appreciate the tip for drawing in blue first. I find myself going to my marker/pen first for a lot of my work, so it was a nice change. I ended up using a red pencil for light sketching and then the graphite and that felt pretty good. 

P.S. He kinda has some Captain Caveman vibes... Loved that guy.


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