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Jungle Temple

Hey! So far I've got to the thumbnail section of the project, and I think I spent a bit too much time trying to find forms in the piece, which has made it feel really enclosed and id more than likely to change. I decided to do this topic as it's what a college project is based off, so I thought i'd incorporate the two and see the outcome of it! Although I've only seen a couple of videos at the moment, I'm loving the class, it's really helpful to ge an idea down and find reference and a mood that is suitable.

Lines are scatchy from the chalk brush used. It also looks a lot better in a thumb view than close up.

Didn't have too much time to work on the scene today sadly, would have liked to try out a couple of other designs. Although I managed to spend time working through a few of the next videos and then applying it to the design I'd put together. The main downside with this compared to Jonas's is it seems theres a bit too much going on, and the values are way to washed out than they should be. That and the canvas right seems to be way too bare and it draws your attention there than the temple.

Any advice for making this piece better?

Decided to go back to the first stages again, and see how colour affects the mood, before going back onto the piece and trying to add colour and shades to it. So here are 3 different images of different colour palettes on the same scene, the first didn't turn out great, but it was a really desaturated and cold reference image that was used, the second was a hotter autumn scene, and finally, was a forest similar to that which Jonas used.

First attempt at adding colour to the scene. I'm thinking of changing the colour used for the lighting as it shows off more of an upbeat mood compared with the rest of the scene. Once I have it completed I will go back and attempt this with a topic that doesn't revolve around my college studies, there isn't enough room for design changes with the current idea.


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