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Jungle Monkey


My name is Kim and I'm pretty excited to see what this whole course is about as well as to work with Sara Blake in this short period of time. 

After reading the course outline in her PDF and listening to Tomer Hanuka describe his comic book concepts, it inspired me to want to create something from the jungle. It also reminded me about a documentary that I had recently watched. It is about children living with animals either in the jungle or in their backyards due to their parents abandonning them. The myths that were built around them after they were discovered were both amazing and sad.

With this as a backstory I want to create a boy who has lived with monkeys for so long that his body starts to look like one. So a monkey boy or boy monkey.

I have some references to monkeys put onto Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kermodegraphics/monkeys/

I also have references to some illustration styles and gestures that I would like to try and transfer to my sketches: http://pinterest.com/kermodegraphics/inspiration/

Here are some rough sketches I have so far started with.

Feedback and ideas are welcomed.

Project Two:

After thinking further into my concept and researching a bit more about different types of monkeys, I changed my concept a bit to fit more of what I found interesting. I started to become fascinated with the Japanese Macaque and sort of found them to be a bit similar to humans. 

My concept changed to a female character fitting into the lifestyle of these Japanese Macaque. I have drawn her face, but will refine her body digitally in a hot spring. I have also drawn a hat on her that is meant to represent the Japanese Macaque fur. I'm unsure if I will further develop her features to make her look more as a monkey. Perhaps making her actually have fur on her neck could help. I will properly scan this image in once I go to Staples =P


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