JuneMoon is a line of cast concrete vessels handcrafted in Boston.


There are four uniquely designed vessels in the JuneMoon collection - The Gemini Vessel, Ceres Vessel, The Eclipse and Tiny Crater.  Each vessel is available in variations of gold-leaf, silver-leaf, hand-painted or gold/silver dual-tone.


As a city dweller I see a great deal of concrete.  Nature eventually overwhelms the man-made even in small spaces, like a flower growing through a crack in a pavement.  These images, things I see every day on my commute, were the impetus for the JuneMoon collection -  creating a home for plants that's made of concrete.  The air bubbles in the concrete are reminscent of stylized moon craters, I was born in June - hence the name.



JuneMoon vessels are ideal for any kind of cactus or succulent, the unsealed concrete interior provides superios soil drainage. The Tiny Crater bowl is perfect for displaying airplants, holding small treasures or as a serving platter for salts and spices. 



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