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June Project: Look for the Stars

I am starting this class with the June session. My phrase is "When it's dark, look for the stars." I chose this because I thought it would be a fun print to make for the wall I am decorating in my husband's office... (He's a bit of a space nerd in his free time ;) My inspiration includes some of the following in the mood board:

I am fairly new at hand lettering (other than years of doodling that I have aimlessly done). I recently learned calligraphy, and was feeling its strong pull at the beginning of my sketches... I feel like I was able to start expanding my drawings as I practiced and also as I looked for inspiration and drew inspiration from various pinterest pins. 

I imagine this quote going onto an old vintage star map (the circle one like in the photo above) in a white font. ANY FEEDBACK - good and bad please!! - would be greatly appreciated! 


UPDATE: June 23 - 

So I was planning on going along with the June group, but I got too into the project and kept on going! Here are some updates:

I went with that last "thumbnail" and used the script instead as suggested. 

Here's the final pencil sketch:

The circle is there as a guide for the background it will be put on. When I went to ink the design, I left out the flourishes. The background has stars, and I didn't want it to be TOO much. I am also a little hesitant with flourishes! I feel like I don't know how to use them in an effective way. I need to attempt to use them more on future projects.

Here's the inked version:

I was too impatient to wait to figure out a make-shift light box or to get the best paper so I actually just used tracing paper and put a piece of white cardstock on the backside when I scanned. Maybe not the BEST process, but it worked. 

My original vision for the background was to use an old, vintage star/constellation map (similar to the circular one on the right side towards the bottom of my mood board). I couldn't figure out how to get one that I could Legally use if I were to want to sell these as prints. (even though so many that I found on the internet were pictures of ones printed in the 1800s therefore a part of public domain... I think.) I decided to just pull out the watercolors and paint something similar instead. 

This is a photo from my phone-- not high quality. Unfortunately my scanner won't scan a quality image of this painting so I need to get out my dSLR tomorrow during the daylight and try to get a quality photo to use for the final piece. I don't know much about having pieces of art scanned by professionals, but in the future, I might have to research options here in Portland. I'm not really sure how much that costs either...? 

I used photoshop to touch up and change the hand lettered quote. (Molly's skillshare class: Digitizing Calligraphy: From Sketch to Vector (Calligraphy II) came in really helpful... although I didn't get to the vector part since I don't have illustrator. Thinking about trying Inkscape to make a vector...??)

Here's a rough idea of what the final will look like. I will post the final once I get the better quality background image.

Next up, I need to figure out printing... (I'm a complete newbie!!) I want to print on 80 lb. or heavier cardstock with archival ink (even though I am not completely sure what that means)... I am hoping to find something local but don't really know where to start looking. I am also willing to send out if that's the best I find. Any tips for this?? I am hoping to frame this and hang it above my husband's desk in our office, but a friend has also requested a print of it as well.


trying a second project for the study group for June.

Quote: Earth laughs in flowers - chose this quote because I wanted to do something nature inspired. I love laughter and thought this could make a beautiful print with vintage florals and pastel colors + some earthy tones.

Here are a few ideas and inspirations from my mood board...


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