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_ Sniperstreets






RAW Image:

Classic spot, classic shot of the Atlanta cityscape. I'm using Adobe Lightroom to edit this photograph.



Progress Image:

I'm working with a preset from VSCO Pack 005; my favorite VSCO pack. In this photograph, I want the highlights and whites to be strong and pop. I also want to bring out the night sky and structures more. I love details and this initial preset underexposes a lot of these details.



Final Image:

In my final image bumped the exposure up a bit to bring out the detailed subject matter. By pulling out the shadows a bit, this allows you to see the night sky better.  I'm keeping the highlights low so the subtle details within all the lights is distinct.  I've kept my whites at 0 and and my blacks moved up to +50 to bring out even more detail in the darker spots of the photo. My clarity is high (+50) to bring out the details even more.  I've pulled my grain down to 0 for a clean image.  I've also brought my sharpness up to +25. This preset has a natural fade. Over all, this was a simple and minimal edit.  Less is more.




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