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What's good guys Sniper Streets here. Let's get started and hopefully all of this makes sense and isn't as muddled as it feels to me. I'm listening to Jumpman off Drake and Future's mixtape (What A Time To Be Alive) and it's basically the fuel behind this edit. Bump that track while you check out my project.

RAW Image:

Classic spot, classic shot of the ATL skyline. I shot this weeks ago but I'm suddenly feeling it so I'm gonna roll with this one for this project. I'll be using Lightroom as usual, which is what I use to edit all of my DSLR work.


Progess Image:

I'm a big fan of the VSCO presets. The preset I used for this photo is from Pack 005, which is also my favorite VSCO pack. For this shot I want all the lights to be super crisp and pop hard. I also want to bring out the night sky and structures more. I love details and this intial preset hides/darkens a lot of details. Over all I want to create a thoughtful uptempo vibe. The bright lines of light from the non-stop ATL trafffic and star like lights from the tall towers bring an uptempo feel to the photowhile, the dark night sky, soft clouds and twinkiling stars evoke thoughtful vibes. Nights and views like these make me feel like the man.


Final Image:

In my final image I've exposed (0.25) the photo a little more to bring out more detail. Generally I like my highlights and shadows to be balanced (compliment eachother equally -50/+50 etc) and I've done that here also. By pulling out the shadows some this allows you to see the night sky better. I'm keeping the highlights low so the details, particulary the lines of light from the traffic, are disctint. I've kept my whites at 0 and and my blacks moved up to +50 to bring out even more detail in the darker spots of the photo. My clarity is high (+50) to bring that pop to the photo. I've pulled my grain down to 0 to clean/crispen (look at me meaking up words) the shot up a bit. I've also brought my sharpness up to +25. This preset has a natual fade, which is a key character in all of all my edits. Color wise, I occasionally fool around with Temperature to tweak my White Balance and especially with any photo shot during the day I'll tweak indivudal Color Saturation some. Everything color wise with this photo is initially to my liking so I'm leaving it how it is. All around this was a simple and minimal edit. I'm very pleased with the short process and end result. Less is more.


This was a unique and challenging project. More than anything I've learned how to express my style and vison outside of my own head to others, which can be a challenge. I've never used PhotoShop so all of that was uncharted territiry but good stuff to learn for the future. Daniel- thanks for putting on the class and for rolling with such and awesome name, ItsForGotham. Cold my man!

Holler at me on IG @sniperstreets and check my Tumblr as well

Keep it real fam!


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