Jumping Jackalope!

I have admired Yuko Shimizu for a very long time, and was THRILLED when she posted about her Skillshare class on Facebook! 

It was a challenge working with the sumi brush and I made a few mistakes while working, but I feel my first attempt was pretty sucessful...

One thing that surprise me in Yuko's lesson was the fact that she only loosely rendered her pencil drawings and did the detail with brush and ink. BRAVE! I did my best to follow by her example and found that the image did indeed have much more life as a result. I made some mistakes, but did my best to utilize them into the compositon as "happy accidents". I also tried to utilized Yuko's "white line" technique, and various textures in the fur, ground, cactus etc. 

Thanks for the wonderful lesson Yuko Shimizu, your my hero ; )

Shannon E. 


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