JumpStart Portal - A kids' augmented reality educational device

Name: JumpStart Portal

Need it fills: Educational entertainment for children

How it substantiates that need: It's completely new to the market and has the latest technology. It provides engaging, educational content approved for children.

The JumpStart Portal is the first of its kind. It's an augmented reality magnifying glass for kids, giving them real-time data on anything they have in the frame.

It's going to be geared towards parents with kids ages 5-9. Kids at this age are exploring their world and are also learning to read, both things the Portal will help foster. These parents aren't necessarily tech-savvy but are willing to adopt new technologies to help their child reach their potential. They're open to new ideas and encourage their children to explore and experiment.

I'm going to reach this audience at various places. Supermakrets, the mall, street fairs, farmer's markets, public transportation, etc.

The one message I want to convey to my audience is that this is the ultimate learning tool with limitless possibilities. They want their child to reach their potential and this product has a limitless potential, the perfect combination.

I want people to check out the device for themselves and spread the word.

Guerilla Marketing Campaign:

What I want to do is send real families who have been paid and trained to use the Portal into the real world. The child will demonstrate the product near other parents/families and their parent will be proud and even ask the child questions as they walk around!

For example, at the grocery store the child can be looking at fruit and vegetables through the Portal and receiving realtime information on each. As they're shopping the child can randomly state a fact they read off of the Portal.

Child: "Hey Mom! Did you know carrots are orange because of beta-cartene?"

Mom: "That's amazing! Can you help me pick some ripe bananas?" (holds up unripe bananas)

Child (looking at some green bananas. The Portal displays information on the color and number of black spots): "These bananas aren't ripe, they're green and there aren't any spots on them."

Through these kinds of interactions, people will hopefully ask what their child has and that's when the mom can explain what the Portal is and how they can find out more information (website). All the while, the child can keep examining things and tell the curious people interesting facts about what's in their cart, what they're wearing etc.


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