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Jump Start Strategy- E-course Promo Presentation

HERE IS THE FIRST DRAFT OF MY DECK! Note, it will be narrated and turned into a 6-minute promo video for the course. I would LOVE any feedback!

1) Who is the audience?

Musicians, independent artists, people with music as a hobby who would like to make it a career. 

2) What is their problem?

They are struggling with creating income for themselves. They are spinning their wheels, constantly busy but not being effective in obtaining results for themselves.

3) How can I help?

I have a workshop and ecourse that will focus their goals, provide tools to figure out efficient next steps to take, and provide outside-the-box thinking for creating new revenue streams.

THE STORY (and verbal narration of the slides):

Hey There. I'm Cheryl Engelhardt and I’m going to take just a few minutes to tell you about the Jump Start Strategy and how you can get creative success in 5 weeks. I highly encourage you to watch to the end for a special surprise.

I'm a full-time musician. As in, I make music, I teach music, I share my experiences and processes about creating music, and I make a living doing all this. I have released three independent albums, toured all over the world with my band, written music for nationally airing commercials and award winning films. I wake up every morning excited about how I get to craft my day, who I get to collaborate with, and the results we're going to produce.

It wasn't always like this. I used to be overwhelmed and overworked, constantly spinning my wheels, trying to find the the right person to "hear me", trying to get more fans, more people to come to shows, and more money! I was constantly looking for answers to questions like "What's it going to take to quit my day job and really do this music thing?" or "How can I make a living creating music?" and “When am I going to bust through to the next level in my music?”. 

I needed clarity, direction, and a purpose. So I spent hundreds of dollars on every music industry book you could find. Hundreds more dollars (and hours) on career coaching. Thousands on PR, records, promotion. I took additional credits in college music courses. 

What I figured out is that what I was doing wasn't working. I was getting the same results that weren't propelling me forward. And it turned out I didn't even know which way was forward.  I was operating at 90% efficiency (at best) when I felt like I was giving 120%. Yet I was still lacking time, money, and new fans. Basically, I was doing it the hard way. 

I literally spent years looking for "overnight success", and finally, after thousands of dollars and hours of trial and error, I was able to say "I'm a full time musician... and it's working."

Here’s the really good news: I have created the exact thing I spent years searching for: a guide to bust through the plateaus in my career, a blueprint for creative success. It's a  downloadable course called “In The Key Of Success: The 5 Week Jump Start Strategy”. 

Here’s the secret to the Jump Start Strategy:

1) STATEMENT: First, you alter the way you think and look at your goals. You create a new purpose for yourself that is so crystal clear you can share this one sentence with any stranger and they know exactly what you're all about.... in life, AND in your music career. 

2) TOOLS: Next, you figure out something extraordinary: what you already have going for you (and it's not what you think), and what is missing (again, not what you think), and then start to take steps to fill in the gaps and create opportunities for yourself.

3) ACTION & Opportunities: In the third chapter, you really grasp how to create results for yourself by getting into action and presenting opportunities for others. We dig into this concept using the examples of bringing people out to shows, fan funding a record, and pitching to licensing companies.

4) REVENUE: The fourth chapter is all about the big bucks.... how you get paid in the music biz, thinking of outside of the box ways to create income, and how to handle overwhelm.

  1. TIMELINE & TEAM: Finally, the last chapter really sets you up for success in the long term with time-related goals, each with specific actions to take and a structure to make sure they get done, and how to hold yourself accountable so you stay motivated, inspired, and efficient.

And you’ll notice how this spells out START. Having a creative career you love isn’t an end goal, it’s a path. Every step you are starting fresh.

Here's the deal. This is the only course that I know of, that was written by a musician specifically for musicians. It's been praised by companies like CD Baby, ReverbNation and Discmakers in addition to hundreds of musicians and artists for whom it’s made a difference. 

What is having a life of creating music, freedom, independence, inspiration, motivation, and the ability to generate the results you want, worth to YOU?  Think about that for a second.... 

More good news! This course is valued at $217.00, but I’m committed that every artist will be able to afford this game-changing resource, so I’m NOT selling it at its retail value. I’m not even selling it at 50% of its value which would be around $108. For a very limited time, you can have this course and use it forever for only $67. That's less than a decent pair of new shoes, or about 6 fancy cocktails. I know you are committed to success and to your career, or you wouldn't be watching this.  Come on this journey with me and join the hundreds of others who've turned "starving artist" into "succeeding artist". 

I'd like to add, on a personal note, that a few months ago, I was in very hopeless place. I had recently lost my father who was my musical inspiration. I was completely lost and and felt like my career was derailed. A close friend suggested I do my own ecourse 100%, as it's meant to be done, no cutting corners. And I did. I found myself again. And not my old self... a new self. A new career blossomed out of my old one. I created new goals with new actions to take. This course breathed life into a career (and a person) that was quickly becoming stale. The today me is SO grateful for the me who wrote this. 

If you don’t get exactly what you wanted out of this course, there's a money back guarantee. There are also different package options that include one-on-one coaching with me to help you get through anything in your way and make the most of the course. And, because I KNOW you’re going to do what it takes to succeed, I’m going to throw in this bonus webinar that takes you INSIDE the secrets to creating the jump start strategy and includes formulas like how to write the perfect pitch email and how to stay motivated, FOR FREE, which normally sells for $25. It’s a perfect supplement to the E-course and dives in even deeper.

There's plenty of success out there, you've just gotta jump up and grab yours, and the sooner the better. If you do nothing, you will continue to see the same results. Why not start rocking the career of your dreams right now?

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