Jump Kip Do (Strong Enough to Fight a Bear)

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Become Strong Enough to Fight a Bear

Business Plan: Open a gym in one of the most obese cities in America and inspire change in the population.

Focus, determination, passion and innovation.  You have to have these traits to survive as a small business in this world. 

I have experienced the ups and downs of business in this last year, but after taking this course I found out what I want to do.  I want to make each and every person that walks through my door strong enough to fight a bear.

This might be figurative, for some of my students over the age 75, but for everyone else: bear.  I’m talking Grizzly bears.  Because once we instill that mindset, everything else in life will be easy.  From that job you have had trouble dealing with, either physically or emotionally, to taking care of the house and chasing, diving, hurdling and catching the little kids running around your house.  We going to make you strong enough to damage and reconstruct some soft tissue of the face of a bear.

I went into this class after seeing a brief video on Khan Academy.  I looked up Marc Ecko and this class popped up.  Never has there been a time where a student can receive this wealth of information to think and plan out a business plan unlike any of the 10,000+ of businesses out in the world, but your own personal brand and vision of what you what to accomplish.

People inundated with lies and false claims about business, but right here it is talking about putting in some hard work and hustling to get it to the masses.  In society it seems the only way this is possible is if you are born with a gold plated grill in your mouth from birth or you make a viral video on YouTube and become famous.  No one wants to work anymore.  What this class, book, and lecture reinforced to me is you’ve got to work really hard to what you want to do in life, and if people don’t respond, don’t worry!  Do what makes you happy and make a business out of that.  People will see your passion, desire and eye for what is real over time.  I thought if I would talk about fitness, it would be a no-brainer; I would have athletes lining up at the door.  This is a horrible assumption because unless you start serving beer and chips at gym on a Friday night, where are most people going to go?

We’re talking hard work here.  Brace yourself. 

I have learned that a business model doesn’t always go the right way, but it is more of how you react to the matter rather than trying to see how to never mess up again.  New innovation breeds failures, but how you react to them makes all the difference in the world. 

After writing out my business plan, I thought I was on the right track.  People need to be healthier to enjoy life etc, etc, but I thought too much of myself.  I thought I could change a culture all within a few months of opening shop.  I thought with my medical background I could show them the way to a better life.  6 months in I found out people don’t really work that way.  People give excuses why they can’t exercise.  It’s too expensive.  What do I eat afterwards?  Is it too late to get a beach body?  (This question is emailed to me in May usually). 

The point is: businesses are truly what you make them.  As much as I have really tried over the year to make new adjustments that I think will be the next big thing, I just needed to look in front of myself and adjust to what people are telling me.  Not my friends on Facebook or on Instagram, but real people in front of me.

Rule1- Don’t listen to the crap people say on Facebook.  Seems so easy but I have fallen into a trap with a lot of people talking and not doing.  People love talking about what they want to look like.  But how many people make the time to actually make their behinds and take action?  We are living in a time where talking about nonsense 100% of the time is the norm, and we sit there and read this on our newsfeed every day.  (I’m guilty of this too.) 

It had to stop.  I had to learn the hard way to take myself out of the daily grind of the gym every day and focus on what I had to do as an owner.  The reason?  To grow and expand and have time to build where the company is going, you can’t be in the trenches with your soldiers.  You have to be in the war room working on your next strategy plan.  Now, that is not to say to be disconnected to how the business is going, but don’t be so attached to each little event.  Let them handle it after laying out the basic guidelines for the operations and what they are expected to do.

For a while I was trying to be on a level where I was famous in this very small community.  I learned a very important lesson that I think cannot be stated enough.  People are fickle.  Do not base the entire operation on the statements of others.  You will always have your core members.  Listen to them and do what makes you happy.  Remember why you opened your business and go from there.

I have had a wife and parents that believe in what I’m trying to accomplish.  Win, lose, or draw.  I have taken away so much from this course, and now I am expressing how much I have learned from it by telling others, and trying to show them that in this crazy mixed-up world you can still find your own unique voice amongst the constant chatter of the crowds.  If you find deep down the message you are trying to convey and you are passionate, the brand will slowly seep into the massive crowd and penetrate the market you are after.


The Legend Bruce Lee

Jeet Kune Do: JKD (The Way of the intercepting Fist)

What instantly strikes me as so amazing about Bruce Lee (one of the many things) is he had a true thirst for knowledge and making himself a better person.  After years of practicing kung fu, he got into a fight with a person and felt winded after the fight.  What did he do?  Did he pout or make excuses?  No.  He made a new fighting system.  Although he had years of experience in an established discipline, he reinvented himself and made an art that isn’t based on tradition and set up moves, but purely moves that work.  He read books on boxing, fencing, judo, etc., and created a form that made the person effective in hand to hand combat.  Later on after naming the art, he reportedly regretted naming it and simply called it ‘the art of expressing the human body.’  But everyone loves titles, so Jeet Kune Do (JKD) has stuck ever since.

With that system as inspiration, I thought of what I was trying to create as a brand.  Innovation is what we’re all about.  Trying to show that there are no limits to how the body can continue to be trained.  For instance, for over four decades, physical therapy asserted that knee reconstruction exercises, closed chain (the legs in contact with the ground), are best.  Period.  But after looking at the original hypothesis, surveys, and tests, it was found it was on a limited size sample group and the test was inconclusive as to which type of exercise is important.

We’re about innovating different exercises in our gym, in our “laboratory.”   We have come up with a concept that we instill in all of our coaches, members, and students.  It is JKD- Jump, Kip, Do.


J- Jump.  Moving.  The most basic: getting people off of their comfy couches and Lazyboy chairs and making them active.  The basic movement in life is ‘jump,’ to get out of the way of objects.  To be explosive.  All wrapped into the word jump.

K- Kip.  A movement that, at its core, is about recruiting larger muscles in the body to assist you to perform an action.  While trying to do a pull up or just using your hips to pick up groceries, you gotta kip.

D- Do.  Do whatever you like.  You like skiing?  Snowboarding? Underwater basket weaving?  Get out and get strong and do whatever activity you want to.

I made FIT (Functional Integrated Training) Labs to help people accomplish any task they want.  It all starts with JKD. 


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