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Barb S.

Surface Designer



July Fruits & Flowers


Summer in Vermont is paradise, colors are alive everywhere and we are liberaterd by our long frigid winter, no boots, hats, scarves and freezing weather to deal with. Vermonters bloom by being outside hiking, swimming, biking, berry picking, and gardening. Color awaken our state "The Green State."  

It is our spring, summer and fall that helps us survive our Vermont Winters. May and June bring green grass, trees, spring tulips and daffodils, peonies, and liliacs. In July, we are in the height of our growing season and I breathe in the sunshine, the colors of my flower gardens and summer fruit. I am inspired by botanicals and summer berries and fruit.


Von Trapp's Greehouse, Waistfield, VT

A little heaven on earth is a constant inspiration for my soul and creativity. Below the harvest is rich in sweetness and color.


Early Sketches of the design process.



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