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Fren Andersen

Graphic Designer, artist, & lifelong learner



July Flower Poster

I chose some flowers from my garden and set them on white paper as shown in the tutorial. I shot them with my camera phone. In Photoshop, I selected and masked each flower and saved each as a psd file. I next created a new, 18"w x 24" high poster size Photoshop file, then added each flower vignette as a layer. After I had duplicated and flipped my initial collage pieces, I added the 4 lily buds on top. Also, I tried out several different background colors including a light gray. The light gray looked very much like wedding wrap -- I loved it! But I settled on the bright background as it feels so much like a garden party --  bright, and happy. This was such a fun project. It had never occurred to me to do something like this until I saw the tutorial. Thanks so much Lydie for the inspiration! Fren Andersen




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