Julio's Influence Map

 I must say I really did enjoy this class and making this project. It made things a bit more clear for me and it inspired me to start drawing daily like I used to. Most of my influence map consists of robots that have feeling and emotion.

1. Machinarium a point and click puzzle game about a robot trying to get his girlfriend back. I fell in love with game not only for the narrative but the entire game is hand drawn and just the look of the game drives me nuts like holy crap this is a work of art it'd have me fixated on the ever-changing levels that'd take you throughout the robot city that looks so old and rusty and the adventure of it all ugh its beautiful. Most of my inspiration came from this one game in my middle school years looking back at my drawings.

2. 9 more robots and feelings this movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world which is pretty rad. I like how there were nine robots all but two had different personalities that tied to how they looked.

3. Metal Slug oh my goodness did this game have the coolest looking animations and boss battles alongside the diverse enemies and the satisfying deaths. 

4. Robots the diversity of the outdated robots and their lively animations.

5. I Spy I had a gut feeling the setup and different themes with all the little toys. Sometimes there would be pages with miniature grassy plans and people with their little houses and trucks. I wasn't too much into reading so I'd have a blast looking at pictures. Probably why I have a soft spot for miniature looking photography.

6. Transformers again with the attention to detail whenever they'd transform like holy smokes there are a crap ton of pieces moving around in that guy.

7. Spirited Away another beautifully animated movie and really all Hayao Miyazaki movies are so aesthetically pleasing.

8. Labyrinth the characters in this movie were really something the environment too.