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Julian's World Language Page


I've decided to make a webpage devoted to highlighting linguistic diversity.

Here's my first attempt at the Homepage:


I added a table to the About page... 

And a form and map to the Contact page...


I hard a hard time finding HTML5 videos that were about linguistics that weren't through a Youtube or Vimeo iframe, but I found a pretty cool one that's a trailer to a Coursera course:

I also reworked the Navigation and Sidebar on all the pages. Here's a peek at it on my Index page:

The images stacked one on top of the other in the middle section was bothering me, so I added some inline CSS, which I will remove later on.

I'm still having some trouble with my hosting provider, so I won't have my site uploaded until later this week.


The homepage with a little CSS styling magic:

Also, I've been having issues with the links: one I click one, they all turn to a:visited.


I have started to follow the instructor's layout pretty closely because I think it'll pay off during the responsive design phase. I have added some of my own flourishes, though.

Here's a look at the top of the index page...


And the bottom...


I finally got my website up! Check me out at http://www.juliantaub.com/julian/world_langs/index.html


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