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Juliana Nahas-Viilo

Calligrapher, Stationery Designer & Web Designer



Juliana Mary Design

I am launching a calligraphy and invitation design business and branching out from my current lower cost brand, Pen & Plume, to something more high end and luxury. I'm in the process of designing my logo, and hoping to have that uploaded within the next couple of weeks. I thought it made sense to do the brand identity and logo concurrently, so that I have a cohesive look and feel from start to finish. 

My Creative Brief: 

1. Background

Juliana is a self-taught Grand Rapids, Michigan based calligrapher, designer and illustrator. She currently does not have a brand identity, but wants on that reflects her creativity, personality and connects with her target audience. 

2. Objective

To position Juliana Mary Design as a high end, luxury stationer, and reflect Juliana's personal style and aesthetic. To break away from the mass-created afforable stationery options that are available online.

3. Target Audience

Educated, well-traveled, affluent women age 22-40 who appreciate attention to detail, unique designs and are seeking custom work. They're willing to pay more for high quality and luxe materials. 

4. Message

Needs work

5. Competition

Other online stationery designers, luxury brands like Vera Wang, calligraphers who also dable in design, and boutique stationery studios. 

6. Distringuishing Characteristics

  • handcraftered using luxe materials; foil, letterpress and handpainted 
  • never uses calligraphy fonts- they are original calligraphy that cannot be duplicated 
  • totally custom, never pre-designed 
  • on trend, but timeless. 

7. Creative considerations 

  • likes modern colors (grays and whites) paired with pastels for a romantic, feminine feel. 
  • does not want over-the-top girly
  • needs to incorporate some parisian inspiration
  • wants a timeless look that will be current for years to come, not trendy
  • needs to look more luxury and less crafty than other independent designers

... more to come! 


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