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Juliana Nahas-Viilo

Calligrapher, Stationery Designer & Web Designer



Juliana Mary Design- Logo

I'm in the sketching phase of creating a logo for my calligraphy and wedding invitation business. I'm not a graphic designer or illustrator by education, but love learning and trying new things. My business grew out of this interest, and I'm excited to give it a logo (and eventually brand identity) that looks professional. I have a love of all things french and would like to incorporate a vintage parisian feel into my brand. 

First sketch was just a quick one of my name to get warmed up. 

Maison Fondee En means house founded in...I think this might be a good way to incorporate the "frenchness" that I'm looking for. 

I thought that trying a wreath motif might be nice, but ultimately it's too large for use on website and logos. One day though, it could be a nice idea for a store front. 

I'm definitely prefering a focus on my name and doing something oblong rather than round.

Landed on an oblong shape with my name cenetered and maybe some small flora to give interest and symmetry- we'll see once it's vectorized. I also like the idea of a secondary logo combining the J and M for use on smaller items, like profile photos and flavicons. 

More to come! 


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