Julia DeStefano Graphic Design Avatar

Julia DeStefano Graphic Design Avatar - student project

I found and took this class about the same time my local design class was assigned graphic reduction projects. I was very glad to take on both projects in conjunction, as each built off the other. I have also been in need of a new (more professional) avatar that could show off my abilities.

Julia DeStefano Graphic Design Avatar - image 1 - student project

Whenever I've attempted self portraits before, I've noticed that my head shape, eyebrows and nose are my most distinguishing features. I've also read before that ear shapes are very unique to individuals, so I didn't replicate it perfectly but tried to avoid a basic semi-circle. I'm known for wearing my hair in a half-ponytail, usually capped by a hat. 

As a matter of personal choice, I like sleek thick and thin, pointed lines and curved shapes. Once I built the main construction of my avatar, I began playing with color. I tended to lean towards design with limited color palettes, and decided on the brown and tan because my hair is dark brown and my favorite hat is light beige. The red violet was recycled from another personal project and I felt it was a nice complement. 

I originally tried an oval background that didn't fully enclose my character in the hopes of adding dimension. I quickly ruled out the "busy" backgrounds, preferring the clean flat colors. I preferred the flat colors in the face of the avatar too- the posterization reminded me of an Andy Warhol painting. I then took more inspiration from his work and placed the avatar in a square background. I didn't care for the light-on-dark color schemes, but I did like most of the others that were high contrast. I will likely wind up using them interchangeably. 

Julia DeStefano Graphic Design Avatar - image 2 - student project

Thank you very much for creating this class! I learned a lot, enjoyed the project, and walked away with a very useful asset.

Julia DeStefano
Graphic Design Student