Julia & David


My fiance and I are getting married in October and I have the daunting task of being a designer and designing our wedding invitations. For some reason, it's so much easier to design for someone else.

I'm using this project as an excuse to get out of my comfort zone, learn something new and incorporate hand lettering into the project somehow. 

This is my first stab at the letterforms and a lockup, which still has a ways to go. I'd love to get your feedbck on the letterforms themselfs, the way they connect, composition and flourishes.

I'm moving into Illustrator next … we'll see how it goes. 


Ok, here's my first attempt bringing it into Illustrator. I'm having a hell of a time sorting out appropriate flourishes to add to make it feel special, the ones I have in there feel a little clunky and expected. 

I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Also, our wedding is a destination wedding in Florence, Italy. I added wings and a window to the flourish, to see what it looks like. It's admittedly cheesy, but I like the idea of adding an illustration to add meaning overall. 

I'd love to hear your recommendations.

Tomorrow I'll work on different line weights, thicks and thins along with incorporating feedback.


Here's an update with an updated J, v, D and the swoosh detail in the center.



I couldn't get the letterforms quite the way I wanted them, and the overall shape it created was tough to work with in layout … so I switched gears and went for more architectural letterforms, which is more our style. 

Here's how it started.

Here's some work in progress.

Here's the final.

Purple is the color of Florence, where Julia's from, and the poppy/orange is the color of San Francisco, where I'm from and where we live.

And here's the final product, except for the edge printing and rounded corners.

It turns out purple and orange don't blend as well as a split fountain as they do in Illustrator. I should have referred to my color wheel. And knowing is half the battle …


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