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Jule's Jewels

I plan to letter the words/phrase: Jule's Jewels

This piece of lettering will be for my wife.

Today is my second day working on this project. 

I have completed one sheet of practice strokes each day, and have been using "The Script Letter" by Tommy Thompson as my main reference.

Tomorrow I plan to watch the videos on iampeth.com and practice more strokes and letters.

My self-imposed deadline for this project is the coming Sunday, August 3.

Day 3

I worked on some more practice strokes and some letters.

Day 4

Roughly sketched out the two words in my project, with the hopes of cutting them out and then experimenting with composition.  It turns out when I cut them the tracing paper rolled up real tight around each word and it didn't work.  Anyone know of any tracing paper that is not prone to curling up?  Anyway's I taped them down on my wall, just so it looks like I've been busy.


I finished this project a day late, on Monday 8/4.  I didn't get to work on it everyday as I thought I would be able to.  Here is where I stopped and called it finished:

There are still some minor tweaks I could make, but I found that for every new correction I make I screw something else up.  So, I decided to call it here.  I've learned from this project that if I want to create more finished pencil drawings that I'm going to need to get an eraser shield and a brush to sweep up my pieces of eraser.  I always thought eraser shields seemed silly, but I get it now.


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