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Juicy Fruit

For little girls growing up on a farm in the late 1950s, the best time of year was hay season--when everyday rumbled to life with the arrival of the teenaged boys in their beat-up trucks and two-toned Chevys.  Tall boys.  Tanned boys.  White t-shirts and Levis jeans.  Crew cuts and jelly rolls.  To spend time with my brothers and their friends, I courted heat stroke and snake bite.  I hauled jugs of water and iced tea.  I ran back and forth to the fields--a pint-sized gopher with sunburn and freckles--happy for the chance to be part of the crew.  

Hay season the summer I was eight started like any other, but it would end with me being wiser about love--   the things we do to win it and how quickly it can all go wrong.  


The story I am going to tell is about the day I hatched a plan to get a ride in the truck with the hay haulers and ended up being run over by the hay wagon.  It all ends well.  I walked away with no damage done, except to my pride.  I believe this story is rich in images and plot points.  I'm looking forward to seeing how my perceoption of the story will change as I create the storyboard.


Here are some of the images I've collected as research for my storyboard.  All of the images came from the internet, except for the last one.  It is my own photo of the family farm.


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