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Gabriella Sweet

Queen Leo




Sorry I'm so late but I would appreciate any constructive criticism or thoughts about my photos, my instagram is @QueenLeoNY. I love this class because for me music and photography go in hand in hand, whether I am out shooting or at home organizing my shots music is always on. However I have never actually shot with a song or movie in mind so I was excited to try and I wanted to do something a little different so I chose one of my favorie movies, Juice. Although you could probably choose any of the songs from the soundtrack and still get the same vibe as the movie. For me I chose this movie because as a New Yorker born and bred I can relate to this movie not only because it takes place in New York but because I believe a lot of the issues displayed in the movie are still relevant to this day. I don't usually do too much editing to my photos I like having the rawness of the original photo but for this project I tried to edit them with a dark,gritty, cold vibe in mind which i felt related to the movie. I posted an extra shot because I wasn't sure the DJ shot would be considered an action shot.

Framed Architecture 

Vanishing Point

Candid Portrait

Action Shot of My Homie Crowd Surfing and the crowd at a Concert 


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