Judy's Final Project

Judy's Final Project - student project

FInal Project:

I really enjoyed this class..I can't wait to practice all my new skills. 


Judy's Final Project - image 1 - student projectWeek 2:

This week was definitely much harder in terms of putting together the elements to support my story. I found it difficult to incorporate some elements, (like the effects) so I left them out. I just couldnt figure out a place to add them in to make them work and not look silly. My favorite part was layering and overlapping clips and music. Sound editing was definitely not my favorite...For one clip, I couldnt figure out how to mute out/down the *crackling* (wind?) that was taped with one of the dan interviews. 

I looked at someone else's video and really liked that effect of the title page's letters on top of a video with fire. I would really like to learn how to do that. Also, I couldnt seem to figure out how to make the title page animated (fade in, fade out, etc).


Week 1:

My project: https://vimeo.com/64995656

password: andrew

I think I created 3 different projects in total.. First, I would have liked to concentrate on the bonfire bc I found it visually more exciting, but couldn't figure out how to connect two clips since there were no interviews at the bonfire. Anyway, I ended up concentrating on Dan's "story", though I auditioned a few different carving segments - even some of Kevin's - bc he and Dan are both wearing blue and the faces arent shown on each clip. Its easy to show Kevin carving while making the viewer think they are still seeing Dan...maybe thats not really considered "responsible" in the video editing industry - do people do this? Anyway, I ended up using all Dan footage. I'm not completely satisfied about how it turned out but maybe after I add some music or some elements from week 2, it will look less rough! Anyway, it was fun.