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Judo Action

Well. I'm a first degree Judo black belt, so I decided I could do the tutorials based on my interest.

I've learnt some backend coding in Ruby on Rails, but haven't really gotten into making a website useful. I guess for a website to be useful nowadays, it has to catch the attention of a user within a couple of seconds, and this course looks great for that!

Iteration 1:

- followed project specs with image, links, and pages. Pages do not contain useful content yet.

Iteration 2:

- added iframe with google maps, a contact form, and a list of judo belt colours and ranks

Iteration 3:

- added <video> and semantic tags

Iteration 4:

- added some CSS! yay!

Iteration 5:

- columns! yay!

Iteration 6:

- added twitter and facebook icons in fixed positions

Iteration 7:

- add some responsive layouts for mobile phones!


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