Juanita's Business Launch Party

My event is a party for the launch of my event planning business.  


When is the event?  I don't have a definite date yet but in 2013.  I'm working backwards from what I want to figure out a timeline.  

Who are the decision makers? Myself

Who has the money? Me

What is your budget?  Not defined, will get price estimates and then decide

Look of the Event:  A food & wine pairing consisting of appetizers paired with wine where the guests will learn how to prepare the food and how to choose appropriate wines to go with them.

What can not move?  Nothing at this point

What will make it yours?  Music, guestlist, decor, unveiling of the business

To do list:  

Meet with cooking class venue to discuss menu, decorating, availability & costs;

Meet with Sommelier to discuss availability, menu & costs;

Research wine sources;

Prepare the guestlist, create invitations

Decide on table arrangement, party favors, music;  

Prepare surveys & coupons for future event


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