Juan Pilar




Juan Pilar x Brandon Rike x Twenty One Pilots


During the interview, I made a list of keywords from both Tyler and Brandon: Negative Space | Shapes | Reggae-feel | Adidas | Jamaica | Simple | Japanese | Power To The Local Dreamer.

After listening to what they said, I created a research board with the previous designs made for Twenty One Pilots. It also included their current logo colors and a Jamaican color pallete.

I meant to start sketching a few days ago, but I was awfully sick. Finally managed to gather the strength to get up and get some concepts down on paper:

  1. The idea behind this is a tropical/Jamaican beach feeling, while having a bit of graphical play on the Twenty One Pilots logo. I'm not sure if I'd use palm trees or surfboards for this design.
  2. A simple type design which integrates their logo.
  3. An outline of the ski mask logo with an outline of the bars logo giving off rays.
  4. When I see the ski mask logo, it gives off a vandalism vibe. For this concept, I made a molotov cocktail being thrown. The trail of fire is replaced by dream clouds instead.
  5. This concept is inspired by the lyric "I'm never what I like, I'm double-sided." Two faces facing away from each other, but coming together in the middle to create the ski mask logo.
  6. The final concept is based around Japanese themes. Mt. Fuji is in the foreground with the rising sun in the back. The cloud above the mountain is also the opening of the ski mask.


I really wanted to work on the designs more ever since I began. Unfortunately, I didn't know how the workload from school was going to be, especially with a new internship I started.

I decided to focus on the ski mask to emphasize the fan/artist relationship. This is why I avoided placing the name on the bottom two designs. I'm not fully content with the outcome, but I learned making merch doesn't have to be as difficult as I make it.


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