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JstJ0sh Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook

Hey everyone, my name is Josh Litton and I'd like to present the JstJ0sh Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook.

Through these lessons I was able to get ideas on formats to organize my ideas in a much better way and learned how to properly prepare a photo shoot.

Mood Board:

For my inspiration board I compiled a set of pictures that exhibit the look and feel that I want my project to share. Like Tasha, I am a big fan of Kenneth Cappello. He has done great work in the past for Supreme which I really enjoyed, but his lookbook for the Stussy Men's 2013 Collection was my biggest inspiration with the bright colors, soft hues and the undeniably organic feeling every shot had. Another lookbook I was greatly inspired by was Shaniqwa Jarvis's Stussy Deluxe 2013 project. Each shot was very natural and I love how she portrays the models in such a candid way.

My mood board exhibits three main ideas: skateboarding, summer and natural posing.

Skateboarding- I am an avid skateboarder and it influences everything around me. I also love street wear and the two go hand in hand. Brands like Supreme and Stussy are deeply rooted in skateboarding and since I will be using these brands in my look book, skateboarding is a must.

Summer- I live in Houston and trying to shoot anything but summer styles right now would be crazy. The sun is out and the days are hot so a summer theme is inevitable.

Natural Posing- I love shots where nothing looks too forced or too posed, candid shots and natural posing are very appealing to me.

Shot Checklist: 

  • Front view of each tee
  • Front and Back view of each tank top
  • Detail on Stussy  shorts
  • Full body view of each look
  • Skateboarding at the skatepark
  • Close up view of each shirt
  • Close up view of labels on shorts
  • Close up view of brand on hats

Final Project:

For my final project, I got together with a few different friends and went to various parts of the city [Houston] and tried to capture them just doing what they do. I really wanted to focus mostly on the upper body and the t-shirts and hats they were wearing. The process was really enjoyable and I was able to learn a lot about shooting moving subjects and helping make posed pictures look as candid as possible. As I mentioned before, each set of photos was taken in a different area of Houston and I told my models to just walk or skate around or do whatever they wanted or whatever felt most natural and I would follow around snapping away pictures. Overall it was incredibly fun putting this lookbook together and hopefully everyone enjoys!


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