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Joyeux Noel

I thought I could use what I learned from this class to make a series of holiday cards. So far I've just managed to do the one and 'm not very please with it. But it's a start.


I had a hard time making every line in Illustrator smooth so I ended up using the smooth tool along with the usual adjustment... As you can see I decided to go in a different direction with the large E


I don't know how you all are so talented with flourishes. I can't seem to think of any good ways to decorate my letters... 


I ended up transferring the image to photoshop so I can work with the textures and adjustments more easily. This of course flattens the vectores and whatnot, but I wasn't planning on this being an actual printed thing but rather just practice. I still want some sort of golden glitteriness on the "Joyeux" but I sort of just wanted to be done with it...


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